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Thursday, January 4, 2018

5 Liter Challenge!

Our water is off again. Running water is one of those big things we so easily take for granted. Pros: you don't have to do dishes, laundry, or mop the floor for a while. Cons: no wake-up showers or flushing toilets. It's a bummer. 

Nevertheless, I'm feeling VERY proud of myself today. We had to get ready for a special ceremony at BG this morning, which meant at least smelling clean and dressing up. Rather than sponging off a shower from our neighbor's house (who happens to be my principal!), I decided to bite the soap bar and practice the bathing skills we learned our first year in Lesotho when we went without running water for many months. 

With a dishpan, plastic cup, and 5 litres of room temperature water, I trudged into the bathroom and went to work. Now, I'm  6 feet tall with shoulder length hair and washing my hair is a must, a morning ritual. My goal was to wash my hair, rinse thoroughly, and bathe with only 5 litres of water. 

BUYA! BUYA! I did it!! In less than 5 minutes (yes, saving water AND time) I was ready to face the day. So...drumroll, please: I challenge anyone who might read this to try the same thing. How little water can you use to clean up in the morning? Can you include teeth brushing in that 5 litres? #SaveTheWaterPlanet #RepublicanEnvironmentalist! #AnythingICanDo,YouCanDoBetter

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

We decided to spend Christmas in Cape Town this year. This may be our last Christmas in Africa, and Cape Town is a favourite place about a 12 hour drive from Maseru. Charis was with us the previous time we were here, just before she left to live in the US. Cape Town is very diverse and offers many adventures. Our plan, though, is just to rest and enjoy the ocean and views (okay, and the malls) as the last time we were here we did the mad tourist rush. 

Dakotah is a great little traveller, reading in the back seat.
Today is Christmas. Dakotah and I took a walk along the beach around 7:45 am. It's fun to walk and talk with her. Maybe it's more accurate to say that I listen while she chatters away. We saw a seal  pup come up on the beach yesterday and were concerned about its health. This morning we returned to that spot and found rocks covering the seal's body. That made us sad and it was the first thing Dakotah told Beth when we returned from our walk. 

At around 9:00 we all went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. I was pretty proud of my Christmas creation and actually ran up two flights of stairs to get my phone from the room to take a picture. A themed breakfast. BUYA!

Doesn't that look delicious and somewhat healthy? Yum!!
Last night we drove past a Hill Song Church and decided to attend one of their Christmas services today.They held services from Christmas Eve until noon on Christmas Day. The service started out like a pop concert with loud music, smoke and lights. Then there was a comedy routine where the pastor and two other men told Christmas jokes (corny, but funny). The service ended with a message and prayer. We were glad we attended.
Christmas morning @ Hill Song Church
Tonight we went to the V&A Waterfront, a popular tourist shopping area. Although stores were closed, we enjoyed the Christmas decorations, a light dinner, and a ride on the ferris wheel. The city lights were gorgeous. 

V & A Waterfront

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas @ Meriting #4

It's been a LONG time since I've last written on this blog. We are still in Lesotho and loving life here, although our jobs have changed. Beth went from teaching for Beautiful Gate to Mission Aviation Fellowship to spending the last year teaching the younger Geurink girls until they are able to return to the US. This is my second year teaching first grade at the American International School of Lesotho (AISL). We expect this will be our last year here, and we are feeling the beginning pangs of saying goodbye to people and countries (both Lesotho and South Africa) that we have come to love. 

It's December 
now and Christmas is around the corner. We will not be at our home in Lesotho for Christmas, but I wanted to share a few pictures of our very simple Christmas decorations and the beginning of summer at our home. We currently live in AISL teacher housing. We love the quiet and our new community. Life is good. God is great!

Beth hung garland in the shape of a tree. Gifts
hang on the coat rack.  

Dakotah made this poinsettia with torn paper. 

Our dining room looks out to the back patio.

We planted grass seed in the front garden and it is beginning to fill in!

I made some flowers out of soda cans to decorate our patio table. 



Tuesday, November 24, 2015

KCAL News!

Kingdom Christian Academy of Lesotho (KCAL) has just finished its first trimester of this year. Yeah! Last year we had 6 students, and this year we have 9: a 50% growth rate! Three of our students are in middle school and completing courses through an accredited Christian online program. It is working out very well and the students seem to be engaged and challenged by their studies. We are thankful for a wonderful new school year and each of the students that bless our lives and time in Lesotho. Here is a peek at some of the things that have happened over the past month.

1. Evi turned 12! She brought in a special birthday treat which she made herself. Happy Birthday, Evi!

Ten-fingered students trying to find
creative ways to show "12"

2.  Bella lost a tooth! Here's hoping the tooth fairy finds her way to Maseru! 

3.  Ms. Jenny (visiting from England) spent a morning with us to teach music. She taught the students to play a few notes on recorders and then write a group melody of their own. What fun! 
We learned how to draw the treble clef and write notes

 4.   The younger girls are having fun at break time with their tree house. As you can see in this picture, they have made a kitchen shelf where they cook up all kinds of treats (like apple juice made from water, sand, and yard clippings).

5.  We finally did a toilet room remodel for the student bathroom. Beware!
Students painted "wild things" using color value. 

Never a dull moment. (Prayers appreciated ;-)